• Image of How Do We Get Through This?

'How Do We Get Through This?' is a collective zine of responses to the General Election result of 9th May 2015 as we face the prospect of 5 more years of Tory government.

These responses were created in the days, weeks and months following this day, gathered from an open call put out on social media, and come from up and down the UK.

Contributions in the zine take many forms, including poems, photos, lists, songs, practical suggestions, which range from angry to despairing to determined to blackly humorous to hopeful.

By expressing and sharing our voices for this publication, we hope we briefly become a collective voice - maybe to feel less alone, less powerless, more hopeful to act and fight and love, however each of us can.

The zine is a 36 page A5 zine riso printed in black and white. Collated and designed by Bradford based artist Jean McEwan, and printed by Footprint Workers Cooperative in Leeds

All proceeds from sales of the zine will go to Bradford Metropolitan Foodbank.